Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Night

Blake was at the station this year for Halloween so I was on my own. Dylan had school in the morning so we got him all dressed up and off to school. They didn't have a parade for the afternoon kindergarten so we didn't get to go see him at school. :( He had a little party and said he had lots of fun. Then we just hung around home until my mom came over that night. We went and got dinner, then got the boys in their costumes and left to go to Grandma and Papa's for some trick-or-treating. Jamie, Hayden, my Mom, Phillip, Kristen, Dylan, Ethan and I went out around the neighborhood for some candy!! Ethan was done about the third house into it but we made him keep going. I paid for that cuz I forgot the stroller so I had to carry him!! They got plenty of candy for them then we headed back to Grandma and Papa's for a few minutes. We finished off the night with coming home and having donuts and apple juice. I LOVE that tradition!!!

My Optimus Prime.

My little pirate.

Watching something quite interesting!

The boys before we left.

Out trick-or-treating!

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins at our house with Blake's parents, Bailee (Blake's sister), Jamie and Chad. It was a lot of fun. It's always nice to do stuff as a family!
I made a deal with Blake that I would clean them out if he would carve them. I stink at the carving thing. I'd end up doing the traditional face and would still manage to mess it up!! So we let the man, who is good at everything he touches, do it!!
We had 8 pumpkins to carve and everyone got a little tired so we ended up with a lot of the traditional carvings. Me being me didn't get any pictures of the finished project. Sorry!!

Cleaning them out!

Papa making the pattern darker so they could start carving.

Starting to carve.

Papa gave up and Blake took his turn.

The beginning of Dylan's spider web pumpkin.

Hayden chilling in the swing being his cute, happy self.

Still carving...