Monday, May 4, 2009


We had a great Easter this year. On Saturday we went over to my mom's to dye eggs. I think it's fun to let the grandkids dye eggs together. They seem to enjoy it too!
Sunday morning I had to lock the boys in my room until 9:00 - that's when Blake got home from the station. That was a challenge. They wouldn't just sit in my bed and watch t.v. they had to be right next to the bedroom door. But their reward was great. The Easter Bunny spoiled them. I think the Easter Bunny needs to start cutting back. Blake tells me every year how much the bunny over does!! ;) Dylan told me that day that I was naughty cuz the Easter Bunny didn't bring me anything. I guess I must have been!! :)
My family came over that afternoon for dinner and an easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast. We always over buy on candy so the kids always leave with a TON. We'll be eating easter candy until July!! That night we went over to Blake's parents for a Harwood family party. Those are always fun - never a dull moment with Blake's cousins!
It was a fun, busy weekend but we are so greatful that we have wonderful families to celebrate holidays with!