Monday, November 16, 2009

Gardner Village

I LOVE going to Gardner Village in October. I'm trying to make it a tradition to go every year but we almost ruined that tradition this year! Luckily the Monday before Halloween it was decent enough weather (still FREEZING cold) to go. We weren't there for very long but long enough to get some pictures of the boys with the witches. We had a good time as a family! It's the only time of year I can get Blake to go there with me some what willingly!!

Before heading in to get some much needed hot chocolate and a cookie! And we had just gotten there!

The boys aren't into posing with the witches as much as I like making them!

The boys love this one. They think it is pretty funny!

First Day of Preschool

I shouldn't be posting about this because I'm a bad mom and didn't get one single picture of Dylan on his first day of school. But I did just do a post about Dylan, so it's only fair that I do one of Ethan!
Ethan is going to Aunt Sand's Preschool - the same one Dylan went to. He goes once a week for a couple of hours. He seems to like it. I don't know if he's warmed up to it like Dylan did but he does well and doesn't fight me! It's such a fun preschool and they are so good with the kids. We love it there.

Before we left for school. No, my kid is not dirty just water spots on his clothes!!

Right outside his school.


Dylan played soccer this fall. He wasn't really into kicking the ball as much as he was into socializing with the coach, wondering who was coming to watch him play, and the treat at the end! I guess you could have called him the "dandelion picker"! But he had a good time and that's all we cared about!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Want One?

Blake and I are taking our shoe business to the What A Woman Wants Expo. It's this Friday and Saturday (the 25th and 26th) at the Southtowne Expo Center. We were given a bunch of free tickets so if you were planning on going and would like some send me a message and we'll work out a way for you to get the tickets!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

We went to the doctor this morning and found out it's a GIRL!! We are so excited! This is the last baby so I was really hoping for a little were the boys! Dylan told us last night that if it wasn't a girl he was going to be so angry. When Blake called him (I couldn't because I would have started crying again!) he said "See I told you. I'm so smart." It was pretty cute. I'm glad the boys are happy with getting a little sister. I think it will be so much fun.
I have to admit I am a little nervous because I don't know how little girls work. I don't know how to do cute things with their hair. I'm plain! I've dealt with boys for the last six years and all you have to do it shave their hair off. You can't do that with girls so it's a little scary! I think we'll manage though. I've always been pretty good at picking out clothes. So at least she'll always be dressed cute!! :) So shopping here I come!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

June Happenings

June is a busy month for us with three birthdays, Father's Day and the end of school. So here is a quick run down of the things I took pictures of!!
Dylan's school did a family picnic/dance program. All the grades did a different dance. Blake was at work that night so Jamie and Hayden had a picnic with us instead. Dylan almost missed his class dance because we were so far away we couldn't hear what they were saying! But he was so cute and did a great job!
Dylan's kindergarten graduation was on the last day of school. It was short but cute. They sang a few songs and then his teacher passed out certificates, report cards and medals for reading. He was one of the few that got a gold medal for all the reading we did! I still can't believe that he is done with kindergarten and moving on to 1st grade. He's getting so big!! We love him so much and are so glad he is apart of our family!
Ethan turned 3 on the 16th. For his birthday we went to McDonald's for lunch, went and saw the movie Up, went to Toys R Us so he could pick out his presents (I know we're crazy! No surprises at our house!), and then had a family party.
Opening presents. He was spoiled!
His Handy Manny cake.
Blowing out his "3" candle!
I thought this was a cute picture...waiting so patiently for his piece of cake and ice cream!
Playing with all his new toys! Did I mention he was spoiled!! :)

Dylan turned 6 on the 26th. For his birthday we went to Discovery Gateway. The boys only played for about a half an hour and were ready to leave. We had to keep them there for another half an hour just so we felt like we got our money's worth. Good thing I had found a buy one get one free coupon!! He wanted Burger King for lunch because they had Transformer toys in their Happy Meals. Then we went to Toys R Us for present shopping and ended the day with another family party!

Opening presents!

He was spoiled too!

He was so excited for this gun because it shoots all the arrows really fast.

So if you look closely at this cake it has matches for the candles. Poor kid! His mom thought that she had candles left from last year so she didn't buy any. His dad even asked his mom if they needed candles and she said no. Well we didn't have any candles from last year and we had to use matches. Good thing he had such a cool looking cake!! :)

My birthday and Father's day was also in there but when you have kids their days are so much more fun that you just don't care to take pictures of your days! I always say that June is our 2nd Christmas because we have so much going on. It's always a fun month and we enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!!

For those that don't know...I'm 11 weeks pregnant! We are so excited! We've wanted this for the past year and it's finally happened!
This pregnancy has had me worried more than any other pregnancy. I spot with every one of my pregnancies but this time it seemed to be worse. I've been going to the doctor about every two weeks to make sure things looks good. Everything is always fine and I leave feeling good but then in about a week I start worrying again. We went in again today and the baby was actually moving when he first started the ultrasound. It was so neat. It made this pregnancy finally feel real. I know weird thing to say but it hadn't yet! But my baby is in there with a heartbeat and moving all over the place. I needed to see that!! :)
My due date is January 12th. Seems so far away! We get to find out what we are having in about 5 weeks. YAY! Dylan has told me, since before I was pregnant, that I was going to have a baby sister. And that he has prayed for a baby sister. He even had a dream once that it was two baby sisters. Kind of freaked me out but we are in the clear on that one!! :) I would love a little girl but we will take whatever we are suppose to have! Any healthy baby is a miracle!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Back at the end of April we went to California with Blake's family. It was a BLAST!! My kids still ask weekly when we are going back.
We decided to drive and stopped in Vegas the first night. We got there pretty late but some of us still wanted to go down to the Strip. Jeff and Janell were nice enough to stay back and watch the kids for us! It was like 10:30-11 when we left to go down and we could only stay until 1 because that was the last shuttle back to our condos. That was plenty of time though!
We left the next morning and drove to Hoover Dam to see the road that they are building over it. It was pretty cool. I have to say that I had to be talked into going to see it but it was worth seeing. But as soon as I saw it I was ready to get back on the road to California!! :)
We had City Passes so we were able to go do lots of things while we were there. We did Disneyland and/or California Adventure for 3 days, Goofy's Kitchen while we were at Disneyland, went to Universal Studios one day, and down to San Diego for Sea World another day. It was really fun going to all the different places and getting a little taste of everything in the one trip. But my feet were SO tired by the end of the trip because we were constantly going.
My family LOVED it and if we could afford it I would make it a yearly trip. I loved seeing how excited my boys were for things. They definitely made the trip a lot more fun! Hopefully we make it back before to long!!

Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

A few pictures of Vegas.

Hoover Dam

The one picture I took of Hoover Dam.


The first ride we went on.

I love the boys in the pink cup!

Toon Town

Goofy's house

Mickey's house

Celebrate Parade

Goofy's Kitchen

Loved Goofy's Kitchen!

They were telling each other secrets! It was cute!

California Adventure

Our favorite ride!

Sea World

Dolphin show

Sea Lion show


Touching star fish

Universal Studios

This guy was cool!

Waterworld show

These escalators were SO steep.