Monday, November 16, 2009

Gardner Village

I LOVE going to Gardner Village in October. I'm trying to make it a tradition to go every year but we almost ruined that tradition this year! Luckily the Monday before Halloween it was decent enough weather (still FREEZING cold) to go. We weren't there for very long but long enough to get some pictures of the boys with the witches. We had a good time as a family! It's the only time of year I can get Blake to go there with me some what willingly!!

Before heading in to get some much needed hot chocolate and a cookie! And we had just gotten there!

The boys aren't into posing with the witches as much as I like making them!

The boys love this one. They think it is pretty funny!

First Day of Preschool

I shouldn't be posting about this because I'm a bad mom and didn't get one single picture of Dylan on his first day of school. But I did just do a post about Dylan, so it's only fair that I do one of Ethan!
Ethan is going to Aunt Sand's Preschool - the same one Dylan went to. He goes once a week for a couple of hours. He seems to like it. I don't know if he's warmed up to it like Dylan did but he does well and doesn't fight me! It's such a fun preschool and they are so good with the kids. We love it there.

Before we left for school. No, my kid is not dirty just water spots on his clothes!!

Right outside his school.


Dylan played soccer this fall. He wasn't really into kicking the ball as much as he was into socializing with the coach, wondering who was coming to watch him play, and the treat at the end! I guess you could have called him the "dandelion picker"! But he had a good time and that's all we cared about!