Friday, June 19, 2009


Back at the end of April we went to California with Blake's family. It was a BLAST!! My kids still ask weekly when we are going back.
We decided to drive and stopped in Vegas the first night. We got there pretty late but some of us still wanted to go down to the Strip. Jeff and Janell were nice enough to stay back and watch the kids for us! It was like 10:30-11 when we left to go down and we could only stay until 1 because that was the last shuttle back to our condos. That was plenty of time though!
We left the next morning and drove to Hoover Dam to see the road that they are building over it. It was pretty cool. I have to say that I had to be talked into going to see it but it was worth seeing. But as soon as I saw it I was ready to get back on the road to California!! :)
We had City Passes so we were able to go do lots of things while we were there. We did Disneyland and/or California Adventure for 3 days, Goofy's Kitchen while we were at Disneyland, went to Universal Studios one day, and down to San Diego for Sea World another day. It was really fun going to all the different places and getting a little taste of everything in the one trip. But my feet were SO tired by the end of the trip because we were constantly going.
My family LOVED it and if we could afford it I would make it a yearly trip. I loved seeing how excited my boys were for things. They definitely made the trip a lot more fun! Hopefully we make it back before to long!!

Get ready for LOTS of pictures!

A few pictures of Vegas.

Hoover Dam

The one picture I took of Hoover Dam.


The first ride we went on.

I love the boys in the pink cup!

Toon Town

Goofy's house

Mickey's house

Celebrate Parade

Goofy's Kitchen

Loved Goofy's Kitchen!

They were telling each other secrets! It was cute!

California Adventure

Our favorite ride!

Sea World

Dolphin show

Sea Lion show


Touching star fish

Universal Studios

This guy was cool!

Waterworld show

These escalators were SO steep.


Emilee said...

oh wow! dang am i jealous!!! that looks dang fun and baylee is looking a these asking when we will go! why does it have to cost SO much!??

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