Monday, October 20, 2008

Gardner Village

I LOVE Gardner Village at this time of year. All the witches and just the fall atmosphere. Fall is my favorite season so I like to be out doing fall-ish things. So I decided to drag my boys along with me. Blake told me the next time I want to go to find someone else to go with and he'll stay home with the boys. I'm taking that as he didn't have as much fun as I did?!?! Well now I know! We'll keep it to my mom and sister or Jamie. A fun girly day, I guess!
It was SOOO cold the day we went but we (Jamie and I) still had fun shopping and looking at all the fall decorations in all the shops. And the boys loved all the treats they got.

Yes, Ethan's lips are blue or green. He had been eating a sucker. We took it away so we could get a picture without it!

Sorry, the witch is kind of blurry. Dang sun! Or probably just the photographer!!

She's catching fish! I thought it was quite cute!

All the boys (minus Hayden) having oh so much fun!!

My boys were afraid of this witch and did not want to sit by her. We had to make them!

Too cute!

We had to stop in this bakery to buy some hot chocolate and other treats!


Em said...

so did the witch get them there on the bench, or did they live... ;)

Nancy said...

I've never been to Gardner village to see the Halloween displays. It looks fun. I will have to give it a try. Maybe one of your boys could go and protect me from the witches.