Monday, October 13, 2008

Murder Mystery

I have always wanted to go to a murder mystery party/dinner but they always seem to be a little expensive. I talked Blake into us hosting one. So one day I got looking on the Internet and found a website that you can buy the game from. They have quite a few to choose from. I decided to choose the good ol' Clue style one.
Mr. Rochester has died (or been murdered??) and you are invited to a party to hear the reading of his Will and someone else happens to die... It was great fun!!

Thanks to everyone that came and for dressing up and playing your parts so well. It was a blast!! We'll have to do another one!

Mr. and Mrs. Worthers (butler and maid)

Neil Worthers and Elizabeth Rochester. (chauffeur and Mr. Rochester's daughter)
Look at Melissa's costume. She was great. She has the dog and all. She was my favorite!

Officer Welsh and Jessica Rochester (detective and Mr. Rochester's ex-wife)

Bob Bucks and Jean Thoughtful (accountant and psychologist)

Fabio Fabulous and Allison Rochester (pool boy and Mr. Rochester's daughter)
Fabio was quite hiliarious. He played his part well and had us all laughing. He was my next favorite!

The detectives!

Here are some random pictures of everyone scheming, bribing, lying, eating and just having fun!


Em said...

that looks fun! i have always wanted to do it! so can i buy the thing off of you, or is it no good now??

The Leavitt Family said...

That looks like so much fun! Good Job Janee! I need to do something like that. We might be having a fun party closer to Christmas and I should get your address so you guys could come. Details to come later. :)

Warner Family said...

Janee, I just found your blog. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. I think that would be fun to do a murder mystery. Glad you have a blog! Melissa

Nancy said...

So who dunnit? I have always thought those parties would be fun as well. I am sure it would be great for a good laugh if nothing else.

Lovin' Bein' Sain said...

That looked like so much fun! I've never done anything like that. How cool!