Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Cookies And Advent Calendar

My mom bought a gingerbread man decorating kit for the grand kids and I got some stuff so they could make an advent calendar. This is the advent calendar that I remember making as a kid. Everytime we would have a Christmas party with my mom's side of the family all the grand kids would make one of these - just different candy! Dylan has gotten more excited about the calendar now that it is getting closer to Christmas. He loves counting the candy to know how many days are left! Ethan just likes the candy!! The kids had a lot of fun decorating the cookies. You'll see by the cuteness of each of their cookies!! :)

Their finished cookies!

The Advent Calendars.

They were there long enough to get their candy in the order that they wanted it and then they ran off to play while we stapled it all on!


Melissa said...

Very Cute!!

Emilee said...

those are dang cute! hope you guys had a good christmas. we just got back, it was crazy! my house is a total disaster right now, so is my car! anyway! loved those pretzels too! ate them ALL the next day in the car driving to Az, that is like my favorite treat! thanks!