Friday, December 19, 2008


Thought I would get this posted before Christmas was here! :)
We had Thanksgiving with Blake's family this year. We went bowling in the morning (it's a tradition in Blake's family to go every year). The boys loved it. Ethan still asks me about every other day if we are going bowling. Then we went over to Blake's parents for the first Jeff Harwood family Thanksgiving. We usually do Thanksgiving with extended family but this year it was just the kids and their spouses and their kids. It was really nice. The food was great and I think we had a good time spending time with each other.
Sorry, I just got pictures of the bowling!! :)

Tell me how a 5 year old does this? Tell me how anyone does this?? Crazy!

Our attempt at a family picture. We took about four and this is the best one and it still wasn't a good one!!

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The Leavitt Family said...

Look how cute you guys are!!!! I love the picture! Hope to see you after the holidays!